Promenade en ville: Explorer Tour

Ces promenades dans la ville sont uniquement disponibles en néerlandais et en anglais.

The confluence of innovation and tradition and the repurposing of old buildings and former factory sites can all be seen on the streets of Maastricht. Maastricht has plenty to offer: an abandoned cloister transformed into a trendy design hotel, an impressive former church that houses one of the world's most stunning bookshops, and a huge factory that has been transformed into a melting pot for the creative industry. If you love innovative concepts and the blending of old and new, then you'll love going on a voyage of discovery through Maastricht. A local guide will show you the hidden gems of Maastricht and give you an insider's look at the buildings and their stories.
Details of the city tour 'Explorer Tour'

Duration: About 2 hours
Language(s): Dutch / English

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